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Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

October 8, 2011

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in January 9, 2007 and claimed that it would change the world, there was no doubt in us that it would happen. It was as though the old world ended at that point, and a new future began under his fingertips. It was the definite sci-fi moment of our time. Steve Jobs was not only a great businessman, technologist and reinventor, but also a true progressionist in the tradition of Ayn Rand, who made the boldest movie ever on Earth. The future is his movie, and he is the director.


Hitchcock’s Trailers

August 25, 2011

Stumbled upon “The 50 Greatest Trailers of All Time” from IFC, and found that the trailers that really stand out are those by Hitchcock and Kubrick, who beside being the greatest directors are also the greatest marketers of all time. The genius of Kubrick will be discussed in another post, and I’d love to share with you the trailers of Hitchcock which display real marketing genius of the greatest manipulator of all time.

A quick look in Wikipedia about the history of movie trailer, I found the following – (paraphrasing) trailer was invented in 1913 by Nil Grandlund, advertising manager of the Marcus Leow theatre chain. It was first inserted after a movie ended and only moved prior to the movie started when the marketer found that viewers would not stay after the movie to watch the trailer. That’s when the tradition of movie trailer as we know today really began, disciplining us to arrive at the theatre on time. That’s also when trailer really became a valuable and effective marketing tool for the movies. Trailer is usually composed of three acts much like a movie, and if you haven’t noticed, the formula gets repetitive very quickly, hence losing the marketing effect.

That’s where Hitchcock and Kubrick step in with their completely original trailers. These trailers alone are as interesting and entertaining as the movies they are advertising. Take the trailer of “The Birds (1963)” below for example.

There isn’t a single shot of the actual movie, but we see Hitchcock delivering a lecture on the evolution of bird and why it makes sense they should attack humans with perfect showmanship and his trademark gallows humor. Imagine back in the good old days you are sitting in the theatre, then out of nowhere Hitchcock pops up and gives you a lecture on the birds! Then watch this trailer of “Psycho 1960” also featuring Hitchcock.

This time, he escorts us to the murder scene where the movie takes place. Again the kitschiness and humor are done here with such seriousness, making it the perfect companion piece of the actual movie, which was anyway intended to be a cheaply made slasher movie. The last truly great trailer in my opinion is the one of “Eyes Wide Shut” by Kubrick, which I shall share with you in another post.

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